Neopixel Library

I am also trying to use an Adafruit 16 LED Neopixel ring for illumination.
How do I import the neopixel library onto the MV Cam, and is there a demo script as well?


There’s a MicroPython library for the STM32 you can use.

How do I add the neopixel library to the Open MV Cam’s Micropython interpreter??


You just drop the python file on the internal flash drive or uSD card.

Well, sounds easy, but I can’t find any micropython documentation on how to add a new library to an existing micropython board!
Nor can I find the file to copy. All the examples that I saw had the library already available on the version of MP on the board.

Do you guys not have an example of this??

Neopixel support is not something we advertise…

Anyway, you drag and drop the files here on your board: GitHub - JanBednarik/micropython-ws2812: MicroPython driver for WS2812 RGB LEDs (WS2812B, AdaFruit NeoPixels, ...).

To note… another user asked this question previously and the answer was likely searchable.

Yeah, I was confused because I was looking for the “neopixel” library, not the “ws2812” library. Happens sometimes!