Import Module Not Recognized

I am trying to use the module to control a Neopixel Ring.
When I run my application I get an Error Message that the module is not found.
Here is my import statement: from ws2812 import WS2812

The file is copied to the MV Cam’s USB Drive.

Any suggestions?

Please safety remove the disk drive, unplug the camera, then plug it back in again. This will ensure the file was written to the drive.

Maybe the file wasn’t copied correctly or got corrupted, try erase flash filesystem and copy again.

Did that already, but still failed.

One thing though, I did do a firmware update, then tried again. didn’t work.
I can try to copy again…

Will let you know…Thanks…

I had to do a shutdown of the PC and restart.
File was available and readable.

Next time I will do a soft eject before restarting the MV Cam…