ImportError: no module named 'os'

I am attempting to capture a snapshot on movement and I am having issues with the ‘os’ module. I am getting the following message when trying to run the code ImportError: no module named ‘os’.

The import line looks like this import sensor, image, pyb, os

Windows 7 Pro, 64bit, 16Gb RAM
OpenMV IDE 1.3.0
OpenMV CAM with 32Gb SD card

Hi, you need to update your firmware. In one version of our firmware we accidentally removed the OS module. The IDE no longer forces you to do this, but, it should be telling you on the bottom right hand corner of the IDE.

I was able to update the firmware and run the code without errors. Now I have to make the code save the snapshots, for some reason they are not saving.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, are you using an SD card with the system? The internal flash on the MCU is too small to save images to. You have to have an SD card attached.

Once an image is saved you need to reset the board. Windows will not rescan the flash drive as it doesn’t expect USB flash drives to create files themselves.

You can reset the board via the IDE by going to tools and clicking reset board after you connect.