Use OpenMV to control an led ring of WS2812 leds?


In order to get some reasonable lighting, I was searching for an LED light of simple white leds. I ordered one I thought qualified for that, but it turned out to be a ring of 8 WS2812 leds. So now I must somehow make these glow white with software. I wouldn’t want to add an arduino or alike to the setup just in order to control the LEDs.

However it seems to be not that simple to do this with OpenMV. I have seen some examples in some forums, but these approaches didn’t really seem to work:

I would be super happy if someone could help me with this … I’ve connected the data channel to pin 7


That thread you linked to was someone digging into this very deeply. I don’t have a better way to control these pixel rings. The STM32 processor is doing way too many things to control a GPIO without using a SPI bus with precise timing… and if that can’t be used then it can’t be done.

To note… the product is not designed around controlling these lights.

Yeah … I know it wasn’t designed for that … and as I mentioned, I didn’t even want one of these rings. So I guess I’m just gonna toss the ring and solder some LEDs. But really … this is the first time, I have to solder something myself because the internet doesn’t have it available :wink: