Looking to print a case for the PureThermal OpenMV

Hi I just received the PureThermal OpenMV cam from GroupGets. So far I’ve just run the demo script and hooked up the IDE but it’s quite an exciting project - thanks for building this great bit of open hardware.

I’d like to 3d print a case for it but before I start up FreeCAD I thought I’d check and see if there’s an STL already available anywhere. If not then I’ll use the dimensions on the GroupGets page & come up with something minimal to protect the bits as best I can.


Please ask GroupGets folks. We are doing the software support.

Ah, I see there’s a “PureThermal OpenMV in a case (not available yet)” note on the page at GroupGets. I’ll follow up over there, thanks!

The GroupGets case should be ready for purchase in a few weeks. We had to make some modifications to the model shown in the pictures.

I was just thinking about the same question, @Rob
I need to hook my PT OpenMV on a mini desk tripod.

Please let me know if you found where to buy a PureThermal OpenMV case from this thread.

However, if you are willing to share the 3D model printed for this. It would help me so much. Please let us know.

The GroupGets case is available on a group buy now.
Tripod mount included!

Here’s the link: GroupGets - The Official PureThermal OpenMV Case

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