Top + Bottom split .stl for OpenMV cam h7 case

I bought an OpenMV H7 from a redistributor that did not have the case in stock. On the product page an .stl is available for download for the whole case (top + bottom sticked together). Is it possible to get separate .stl file for the 2 parts of the case so I can 3D print them?

Hi, just modify the STL file? I didn’t design the file. We just had our contract manufacturer design it for us. The STL file is all I have. There’s plenty of free software to modify these files.

Also, you can probably hand edit the file since it’s text based to split both halves up.

The model is binary .stl, and is complex enough so it can’t be simply split with a plane. I managed to do it with Meshmixer for anybody who is interested.
I’m unable to attach them unfortunately

Put them into a zip file and then you can upload them. I’ll put them on the website.

The case printed very well.
I zipped & attached the stl’s as you requested.
openmv_printed_case.jpg (137 KB)

Posted on the product page.