IP65/67 Case for RT1062

I see in a recent thread that you are planning to upload a case design to GrabCad for the RT1062, I am particularly interested in 3D-printing my own IP65/67 case. I was wondering, do you have any ETA on when this might be available? It would be awesome to have this as a starting point for future designs.

Hi, we’re going to be making 3D pritnable case designs over the next month. However, these will not be IP rated. However, technically, if you seal with with some glue or something they could be. However, you’re not going to be able to easily open then again if you do that.

Any IP rated case we make cannot be 3D printed as you’ll need a gasket seal which has to be custom made.

Thank you @kwagyeman . I really look forward to these. Having them in a CAD format especially (vs just STLs) will help to make it adjustable and I am thankful for your effort here.

We’ll have STL and STEP files.

Also, we’re going to be making a lot of case designs. E.g. to fit different shield combinations. The goal is to have enough variants pre-made so that you start 95% done with whatever case you need.