Len type

I need to use the camera (CAM H7) to see as close as 5cm to 10cm
What type of len can I use ? (m12)

Can the len not filter IR light ?

Hi, we don’t have anything in stock that can focus at that close. You’ll likely need to buy a custom lens from Edmunds Optics and you should feed them the camera chip size (1/4th inch) along with the lens mount type (m12) and height.


  1. I’m not sure I understand what type of m12 lens I need to capture images from 5cm to 10cm distance
    If I take a “standard” ir lens (IR Lens | OpenMV)

Focal Length 2.8mm
Aperture F2.0
Format 1/3" (size of camera <= not relevant)
Mount M12*0.5
Angle (FOV) H = 70.8°, V = 55.6°

I want to use my H7 for a small line follower robot - so the distance is important (short) and the FOV is narrow
What parameters should I look for that are responsible for the distance?

Oh, a standard camera should work for a line follower robot. You don’t need to modify the lens. I thought you wanted to view something at a microscopic level.