Latest Firmware v3.6.1 messes up OpenMV Cam H7 pro

Hi all, the latest firmware for the OpenMV Cam H7 Pro causes issues with the picture quality. v3.6.0 works fine.

I have pulled v3.6.1. from download until we have a new firmware out.

v3.6.1 gives weird purple splotches at QVGA and QQVGA.

Hi, thanks a lot for all the hard work guys, OpenMV is made of sweat, love and awesomeness.

  1. Is there any word on when is the new firm released, it is almost 2 weeks since the splotch accident?
  2. Is it possible to download the one that was briefly up, I’m working on hi-res and I would like to test the new firm asap?


Hi, the new firmware (3.6.2) is out, it fixes this issue… The IDE resources should be update soon, if you want to use it now you can download it from Release v3.6.2 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

I’m working on the documentation now and the release will be pushed to the IDE on the weekend.

Given COVID I have more time for OpenMV so expect another release with a new IDE next month or so.

Great! Got it thanks.