Issue with Upgraded Firmware

Hi Team, I have recently upgraded my openmv h7 plus with the latest firmware. But When I am running a simple code to capture the image its throwing an error
" File “”, line 3, in RuntimeError: Sensor control failed."
I am providing you the code below:
import sensor, image, time

sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000)
clock = time.clock()

img = sensor.snapshot()

Please look into this.

Hi, did the sensor appear in the IDE status bar when you connected the camera?

If not then something is very wrong. What firmware did you load on it?

Hi @kwagyeman ,

Yes I could see the sensor appear onto the status bar when connecting device to it. I am posting the screen shot of the IDE for your reference. Firmware version is v4.4.1(Development Release) and I am also providing the link which I used to download the updated firmware

In Here I used the [] file to upload firmware on my OpenMv H7 Plus.

[Note: When we downgrade our firmware to v4.3.3 then the sensor is working fine but MQTT client.checkmsg() is not working as expected.]

Yeah it seems the Plus has a problem, will take a look.

Thanks for reporting this, that issue should now be fixed, I also made a patch release here you can try it now, or wait for the IDE resources to be updated

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Hi @iabdalkader Thank you for the quick response.