OpenMV1 IDE connection problem

I`m trying to connect openmv1 cam no my Ubuntu 14.0LTS, but unfortunately. So, firstly I was updated firmware and able connect to the cam by

 screen /dev/ttyACM0

. After connection I so such information:
Micro Python v1.4.4-127-g8e4471e on 2015-09-24; OPENMV1 with STM32F407

But connection with IDE always fails with message:
“Firmware version mismatch!
Please update the firmware image and/or the IDE!”
Console output:

fw_version:(1, 1, 0)
ide_version:(1, 5, 0)

So I misunderstanding why after firmware update I have such situation?
Thank you!

Hi, we are dropping support for the OpenMV Cam 1. If you want to hack the firmware and IDE to make it work go ahead.

The small amount of flash on the OpenMV 1 makes it incompatible with everything we’ve been doing.