Is the serial terminal in IDE output only?


I’m trying to implement some serial communication over USB on openMV. However, it seems I can send data to USB_VCP and see them in Serial Terminal, but I can not send anything back to OpenMV. It seems I can not type anything into the Serial Terminal.

Is there anything I did wrong? Or I have to use another serial monitor program?


Hi, OpenMV IDE only provides debug out from the camera.

If you want two way coms you’ll have to use the VCP port without OpenMV IDE and when the camera connects to OpenMV IDE you enter debug mode.

Yes… you could consider this a feature we’re missing. However, it’s generally been on the low priority to implement.

Thank you for confirming this.

So I suppose the best way to debug communication is to use a text editor to edit Connect a serial terminal, use Control-C to terminate script and run again with execfile(‘’)

Um, no, use the Open terminal feature in OpenMV IDE. This let’s you get a serial terminal to the camera that bypasses our debug stack. However, the serial terminal can display images if you do:

print(img.compress_for_ide(), end="")

Should have mentioned this. See the serial terminal under tools → open terminal. It’s literally a standard terminal to the cam. Any keystrokes you type ae sent to the cam and ehoed when the cam is in repl mode.