Creating USB connection with header pins

Hi. In my openmv installation I have no space to connect the usb cable and will have to use only the header pins which I do have access to.
I would like to have to lines of communication.

  1. With arduino . Normal UART. Arduino sends start stop commands can openmv sends processed image data back.
  2. With PC running the openmv IDE for debugging and reading SD card data (cannot remove once openmv is installed in the machine)

I am quite sure I can do 1) but what about 2) ? Can they be done in parallel?


Through the REPL on the hardware UART you can indeed use OpenMV IDE to debug the camera and get images. You have to use the Open Terminal feature in OpenMV IDE and you have to also setup the camera to expose REPL on it’s hardware UART on startup. You can do both of these under the tools menu with the config OpenMV Cam and the open terminal feature (you have to provide a USB to serial device for the hardware UART).

Um, file transfer is possible by making a script that does it. It will be a pain but not impossible. I.e. you write a script on the PC that sends the camera a new script to execute and then send data to the script to write to the disk. The MicroPython repo has a python script in it that allows remote control of your OpenMV Cam like this.