Serial Communication to Camera

Is there a way to send serial data from my PC keyboard to the MV Cam while a script is running?
I want to send commands to the script as its running…


Use the USB_VCP class in the pyb module. Note that you cannot use OpenMV IDE anymore while this class is in-use.

I would still need to monitor the video from the camera while sending commands to the device.
If I use USB_VCP then I would not be able to view the camera?

The only other way is to use the UART on the device connected to a serial monitor??


Yeah, this has… not been implemented for a while. We need to integrate this feature however.

Please create a GitHub feature request for this: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Or, make a Serial UART Shield with an integral FTDI chip to connect to USB…


SingTown sells that.

Anyway, in the mean-time use the OpenTerminal feature in OpenMV IDE with the compress_for_ide() method to send images to the IDE. This let’s you do REPL level debug with image transfer.