IMU on board?

I did see some information in the library reference about an IMU module on the board. But I do not see it in the hardware description.
So is there an IMU available on the board?

No, not on the current systems. However, we will have new cameras soon that make the IMU standard.

That is interesting.
What is soon?

There should be multiple boards coming out this year with an IMU onboard. We plan to make it a standard feature mounted behind the camera. I don’t have a timeline when each board will hit.

Is there a shield available with this IMU? I do not see it in the product list, but maybe you know of a third party one?
If not, we could make our own (for instance using the prototype shield). Is it the LSM6DS3 IMU that will be used?
I see IMU functions in the SDK. Does that mean when adding our own LSM6DS3, it is already supported in the SDK? If not, can it be made available?

Hi, there’s an IMU driver and shield sold by SingTown:

Then the driver is already compiled into our flash:

That driver is not built-in by default for all boards, you’ll need to copy the module to the SD card or flash storage.