IDE v4.0 vs 2.2.0?

The IDE on my Mac from Dec. 2018 is v4.0, but the version available for download is v2.2.0, although surely far more recent. This isn’t very important, but may I ask the rationale behind the version numbering for the IDE?

That would be a bug. Where do you see that?

If you Get Info on the application, it says v4.0. I just noticed that if I go ahead and run it anyway, the app says it’s v2.2.0 in the About box. So, it’s just the Info box from the Finder that shows 4.

Mmm, I can’t control what finder says.

Well, it’s built into the app. The Finder pulls that information from a Mac application’s package assets. I haven’t dived into the source for either the camera or the IDE yet, but I can take a look at it when I get a chance.

How is the IDE written? I presume it is a native Cocoa application, right? Or is it some Java thing? If it’s Cocoa, then surely whoever is overseeing the Mac project knows how to set the Finder information. I used to be good at this stuff – twenty years ago. :slight_smile: I didn’t really jump on the OS X bandwagon.

I’ll look at it at some point to see what I can find out.

No worries.

Ah, I see. It’s some cross-platform wrapper around QT. I’m not familiar with that approach to application design. I should really try to jump in here at some point to see if I can help out some.