Hardware Failure

Yeah, that’s fine.

Now when I reconnect it, its going back to flashing green a few times and the solid white LED.

Green is the bootloader, white is the firmware trying to boot.

Can you still connect to it via the IDE?

Also, can you try erasing the internal flash drive via Tools->Erase Flash drive and then unplug and replug.

No when I plug it in the board connects and then disconnects as soon as the LED turns to white.

Mmm, it might be dead.

Want a new one? We have H7 Pluses in stock. Place an order on the website and DM me your order number for a replacement. I’ll then refund after it ships.

That would be awesome thank you! Should I be worried that the WIFI Shield I have may be broken and plugging it into the new board could potentially break the new board too? Also when you say ‘DM’ do you mean on this thread or is there a way on these forums to send direct messages?

Click on a person’s picture to send them a direct message.

If you get an OpenMV Cam RT1062 you don’t need the wifi shield. Would that be better?

That would also work for me, would I still be getting reimbursed? Also is development for that board very similar to developing on the H7?

Yes, but, not shipping. You need to pay for that.

It’s the same development experience as the H7. You just need to use the machine module for i/o versus pub. If you are depending on a lot of class scripts this could make things hard. If so, then get the H7 Plus for everything being exactly the same. If you want to order another wifi shield then in that case you may. However, I will not refund that. Just the camera.

I have purchased the board, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to direct message with the order #?

If you click on my profile picture on the thread you should be able to send me a message.

This is what I see when I click on your profile:

Even if I go one step further to your profile I can’t seem to find anywhere to DM you.

Sent you a DM.