H7 something wrong with COM port

Suddenly IDE stoped to recognise H7 COM port.
Also it could not reprogramm H7 via DFU.
H7 itself works fine: blue led blinks and virtual drive OK.
COM port does not opened in serial terminal, though in Device Manager displayed as normal.
If I try to sniff it via Tibbo IO Ninja, I got error:
Cannot start capture: The semaphore timeout period has expired.
DFU programming works under STM32CubeProgrammer.

Something wrong in hardware?

It is not hardware, because it works fine on another PC and
virtual drive works also via USB.

Something wrong with Windows driver.
I deleted COM port, upgraded via zadig to USB Serial CDC.
Nothing helped. Other OpenMV camers recognized fine.
Only one goddamn port.

It was fcking Eltima USB to Ethernet Connector Service

Glad to hear you got it working.