H7 Plus bricked on both Mac and Windows IDEs

Hi there –

I recently purchased an OpenMV Cam H7+ but have had no luck connecting it to either my Mac computer (High Sierra) or Windows machine (W10 20H2). The device flashes green-white-blue when connected, as expected.

When I try to connect, I am taken through the “No OpenMV Cams Found” wizard, until eventually reaching the DFU Util screen, which hangs on “Waiting for Device”. When I look at the device manager on Windows I see ‘unknown device’, and the device manager asks if there are any drivers to install.

The H7+ is new and has no obvious defects. I have followed the installation instructions carefully and I don’t believe that I’m missing anything. I have changed the USB cable out, and had the same results. Have also tried with and without SD card.

also: on mac the USB device just doesn’t show up at all in system information.

It sounds like you have a USB charging cable these don’t have the data wires, if the cam is blinking blue it means it’s working fine… Please try a different cable.

ah, thankyou! that fixed it.