H7 male vs female headers

My H7 and global shutter have arrived. Woo hoo! I see the H7 doesn’t come with the headers presoldered, and in fact comes with both a set of one-sided-male and two-sided-male-female headers. The M7 I already have came with the two-sided headers only, and presoldered at that with female pointing out the front. It seems that this is the only sensible way to attach the headers, as opposed to female out the back or the one-sided-male option, since the shields seem to favor stacking in that arrangement. In particular, I got LCD shield with my M7 that obviously prefers the M7’s current configuration.

So, my question is, presumably the option was offered with the H7 because there is some tradeoff involved. Are there other OpenMV configurations, perhaps with other shields, that would prefer the male headers or prefer the two-sided headers turned the other way around?

What is the “right” way (I assume there isn’t a “right” way or the option wouldn’t have been offered to do it the wrong way and the male headers wouldn’t have even been supplied – but I’m asking anyway)?


Much thanks. Can’t wait to get it up and running!

The right way is with the female header like in our pictures.

We offer both headers because some customers like to connect the camera via flying wire leads to things.

E.g. when we soldered the headers on we got complaints about them being soldered on. So, we stopped doing so.

Ha. Okay, I understand. I’m happy to do it the right way. I just wanted to check before I started soldering. It makes particular sense for me to do it that way since I intend to mount the M7 and H7 next to one another, so it will be easier if they are configured the same way.