Flashes red while on battery

hi, my openmv h7 flashes red while on battery and does not work. what does this mean?

when i plugged in the battery, it first flashes white. then after a few seconds, two reds and a white will flash.

Hi, the white flash is the system booting. The red flash is the disk drive onboard being accessed by the computer.

The second white flash is concerning. Did you load a script on it? If your script isn’t flashing the LED then that means the system is probably borrowing out.

hi, i am trying it direct to my computer. it is ok. but when it is on battery itt will have it. also after this, the sd card will have to be fixed.

thanks, just repaired some. i am not sure why it fixes this but i just rearrange the code to make the variable that i call as close as possible to the calling function
maybe somewhere in the code, the variable change to unexpected value.

Hi there, can you explain what you mean by borrowing out? I’ve been having the same problem.

Is the camera running a script? Or is the disk clean on it. The white LED flashes once when the camera is booting. If it flashes again and it’s not because of a script means it means the camera rebooted.

The camera runs a script, and it’s not supposed to flash that color. There is an SD card plugged into camera, could that be the source of the problem?

Could be. See if the same script works without the SD card.