Fill LCD when using small image?

If you set the sensor to a very small size (e.g. QQQVGA), then it doesn’t fill the LCD in either dimension. I realize the aspect ratio is wrong and so either black bars or cropping would be required, but you still don’t have to suffer black bars on both axes. That’s a waste of space. Is there a way to instruct the LCD to fill the display with the image? I tried passing ROIs to display, both inside and outside (negative origin and width/height greater than the assigned sensor image) and neither approach worked.


Yeah, this is a issue that the next firmware release will solve. It’s on my immediate to do list. Basically, I disabled scaling in general back on the M4 and now that we have more RAM on the H7 coming out we can having scaling code again.

Um, I’m finishing up the new blob code with min_area_rect now. But, the plan is to add scaling support to the copy() method and then redo the LCD module to have scaling. I should be able to get to this by the end of next week.