external smps regulator for STM32H7

Dear all,

I was working on web (lol), and i red this st forum post :

about using external smps regulator in place of internal ldo regulator to save energy for STM32H743.

That is right in new stm32h7xx with embedded smps, the consumption is divided by 2 compare to embedded ldo.

Do you have any idea, or roadmap about this ?
It seems to cost an external smps regulator with components and Register to change at start for soft.


No, but in the next revision we’re going to add a pull-up on sensor power-down as discussed here in another topic, should lower the power consumption in low-power mode.

Yes, or you can just add a fet transistor to switch off and re-on the camera as you need !

I am looking at the moment to have a low consumption for H7, and it is more complicated than F7 :

  • In standby mode, if you switch off camera, switch on RTC, BACKRAM, SWD GPIO, you can have less than 5µA.
  • In stop mode, you can have 600uA but Usart 1/3 are not available in domain 2 compare to UART5 on PB12/13