Does the openMV works like a web cam?

Excuse my english. I have a vision kit for uarm with a openMv. If i plug it in my computer with a usb it dosent works.
I need a driver?
I dont find it


No it doesn’t work like a web cam.

Please start by installing the IDE:

And then run a few examples from the File->Examples menu, have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. Ihave get my Open MV camera with a vision camera kit for the Uarm.
I have tried using Open MV IDE, but it doesnt recognize my camera or the sample doesnt run. Doesnt see anything.


Hi, I see. Um, question. Are you using a data USB cable? On plugin to your PC the camera should appear as a USB flash drive. If this is not happening please check the USB cable you are using actually provides data and not just power.