Does OPenMV H7 Plus supports charging Lipo Battery?

Hi There,

  1. I want to use H7 plus with solar and lipo where solar will charge it using a micro USB cable, is it possible? To test this, I connected the micro USB inlet on H7 plus to my computer USB and connected the lipo battery to the lipo inlet on H7 plus, but it did not charge. So charging is not supported on H7 plus?

  2. If I want to have ESP32 as a WiFi shield for OpenMV instead of ATWINC1500, how would that look like? Does it include using SPI and modify firmware?


The board doesn’t have charging. We don’t advertise this as a feature… also if you look at our schematic we just have a simple ORing diode.

You can connect the ESP32 via our RPC library for Arduino to the OpenMV Cam.