Powering Openmv H7 from 3.7V Lipo Battery (Headless)


How do I check that I am powering “ON” the Openmv H7 from a 3.7V LiPo (headless mode I guess)?

Essentially, I want to run the H7 as a headless Thermal Cam streamer.

Picture below; I have the LiPo (integrated to a TP4056 charging module) connected to the H7 female JST → to male JST connector, but I am seeing no indication of the H7 powered on. Thanks.

Never mind, I had the polarities for the connector backwards. I think I dodged a bullet as well, as I didn’t fry the board (no magic smoke, thank goodness). That said, on headless mode the blue Led lights on constantly (not sure what that means). Which brings me to my next question; how would I go about running my python code when I power on the H7 using the LiPo? Sorry, as you can tell, I’m fairly new at python embedded systems/microcontrollers. Thanks!

Hi, just save the script as main.py (Tools-> save open script as main.py) and it will run on boot.

Got it, works. thank you!