Device is not getting detected and getting heated up when plugged

Device is not getting detected after using it successfully for 2 months from purchase and also it started getting heated when plugged in. Don’t know why this type of problem is arrived suddenly as it was working very good till today, even we have not connected anything wrong or any external things much to it, as we are using it for face detection n all. So please provide us the proper help regarding this as we are from India and it’s taking much time to deliver to India.

That’s a clone unit. We didn’t make that unit.

Anyway, put the device in DFU mode and you may be able to recover it. Just connect BOOT0 to RST and it should show up as a STM32 bootloader device in windows. OpenMV IDE can then reload the firmware. If this is not the case then there’s an issue.

Did you solder those headers recently ? If so you might want to remove them, sometimes they short, if not you could check every capacitor see if one is shorting. This is definitely a hardware problem, I doubt reflashing the firmware will help.

I am Thankful for everyone here, we have tried all the things which you suggested to us. But after-all our circuit is unfortunately not working, so we are thinking to buy a new one. Please suggest us the better version model type of OpenMV Cam which should work best and with high efficiency specially for face recognition. The present OpenMV Cam which we got some hardware problem, on that board we successfully tested the face recognition and got good results, we are Thankful to you for that idea of face recognition but that board was supporting only in B128x128 resolution for face recognition and when we try tried changing it for High quality and resolution that time we got an error regarding Heap Memory and even the face recognition was not so efficient and error free. So please suggest us the best model which should support face recognition with High quality and resolution.

Sincerely Thank you.

The OpenMV Cam M7? Buy from us or SingTown:

Thank you for the link. But please can I hear from you some more about the face recognition thing which I have asked in my earlier post, so that we can proceed to buy at it’s earliest from the link.

Sincerely Thank You.

The system doesn’t really support higher resolution face detection. Because we do everything in onboard RAM we try to stay below 320x240.

Ok Thank you Sir.
Sir as you said system does not support higher resolution due to RAM, then did it means like we can’t achieve or expect the better results and output from face recognition from this devices ?? Is there any solution for this ??

Um, what type of results are you expecting? The system works fine at detecting a face that’s about 6ft away from it. That’s all it was designed to do. If you want to detect faces farther away you have to use different lenses but they constrain your field of view. If you want a wide FoV and faces farther away you have to have more resolution which implies a more powerful system.