Controlling USB-peripheral from RT1062?

My use case is this:

  1. I have a TFLite model (trained by Edge Impulse) up and running fine on the RT1062
  2. I’d like to send inference results from the RT1062 to my Win-10 PC. Either through WiFi, Bluetooth, or with the camera connected to the computer. So, only a few bytes, not the whole image.
  3. Depending on the inference results, I’d control an USB-peripheral connected to the same computer with Python.

I’d need some pointers only with #2, should I use RPC, UART or something else? This is for a proof of concept, so don’t need all bells and whistles.


We have a new PoE shield that really makes it much easier to use the RT1062 deployed. I recommend using it. Its far more reliable than WiFi and provides power at the same time.

You can then just use REST API calls using urequest to send data to a webapp. This can be on a local host on your PC or in the cloud.

The RPC library via USB only works with STM32 boards right now as it needs the USB VCP class which is not found in the machine module of MicroPython. We will be funding MP development to fix that.

If you don’t mind attaching a TTL uart to USB converter to the I/O pins then you can use the RPC library via a serial port on the camera.

Do you only need 1 way communication? If so, print() on the camera appears as serial port data to any program that opens the camera uart.

openmv/openmv: OpenMV Camera Module (

Super simple.

Thx for the quick and helpful support!
For this simple use case, 1-way communication is enough, so I’ll use print().