Communication with USB Virtual Serial Port


I have a projet with the OpenMV and an Raspberry PI who works under Windows 10 IoT.
I try to creat a communication with my OpenMV Cam 2 through the USB Virtual Serial Port.

First I try the sample. On my rapsberry (or with my WIndows 10 PC), I can detect the USB Virtual Serial port and I can open the Serial Port with Success.
The problem is that the OpenMV Cam do not detect the connection the usb.isconnected() stay False.

Have you a sample of C# application and the .py script for the OpenMV for me ou any Idea of my problem.

Thanks for your help.


Mmm, what baud rate are you connecting with? If you connect at 12,000,000 BPS or 921,600 BPS the camera goes into debug mode.

Alright, scratch that. This is bugged. This used to work. Please use the TX/RX serial port (I know this works) and not the VCP one for now. Also file a bug here: Issues · openmv/openmv · GitHub

I have configured 9600 like baud rate.

Please use this for now: class UART – duplex serial communication bus — MicroPython 1.15 documentation


Ok I can try to use the standard UART but have you plan to solved the Virtual Serial Port fonction, this fonction is more interesting.

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Yes, we will fix this. Ibrahim will respond with more information. He reports it seems to work on linux. So, there’s something going on with windows in particular.

Hi, for some reason on Windows you need to enable DTR, then it works.


Thanks for this fast support.
Effectively after activation DTR in my C# application it works.

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