Serial USB VCP does not work on Windows

I want to use stream video from my OpenMV H7 Plus to my computer over USB. I’m able to successfully run the sample code with my Macbook Air to stream video. However, the same code does not work on my Windows computer, which is the computer I need for my application.

I’ve looked at past posts on the forum and I am aware of the dsrdrt being ignored on windows. However, even setting it manually does not do anything. For the script that runs on the computer, it gets stuck here:

while True:
start = time.time()
# Read data from the serial buffer
size = struct.unpack(‘<L’,[0] <----- STUCK HERE
buf =

The Windows computer is unable to read anything from the serial port. Upon checking, it is always reading 0 bytes. However, opening the serial port from the IDE indicates that data is in fact being written. Please advise.

Can you check if you can read print statments?

Just run hello_world on the camera.

Yes, I can read print statements.

Bump, still unable to read image data over serial on windows

Print and vcp are the same interface… if one works the other should work.

What’s your OpenMV Cam code and how are you running it?