Connection to IDE lost (Windows 11 issue?)

We are using 3 Open MV camera’s for our project. We used 3 laptops to see what the camera’s we’re doing. Since we updated our laptops to windows 11 after a random period of time the camera loses connection and shows 0 fps. Is this something more people are experiencing?

Uh… I haven’t seen this.

Is your code crashing?

No, when we upload the code to the camera and let it run on its own it works perfectly fine. It is only the communication on the usb that fails. Is there a maximum length of the usb cable?
We power the camera using a little 5v power supply connected trough the usb power input, and connect the other 2 wires to the usb if we want to see what the camera is doing. But after a random amout of time the camera stops working.
We have 3 camera’s, 1 of them uses the 5v to power a small led as wel, that camera seems to fail first.

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I can’t really tell. The power is Or’ed from the cable and VIN. If you supply both is it fine?

We will try powering both, but desided to go this way because we had different issuies before when powerd from both.

Tried to power it via both inputs, doesn’t make a difference.
Tried an older laptop with windows 10 installed and everything works perfectly fine. Will try it with a seperate camera also, but wanted to share already.

I dont know if it is windows 11 issue…
For better connections you must follow the <5m usb cable. And of course well shielded.
You can power up them via vin input and use 3 meter usb cable at the same time with no problems.
DONT cut the usb cable… we dont know if you have the shield connected…

Well, the only thing we changed is updating our windows. Before updating everything worked without problems. Our cable’s are way less then 5M. At most they are 2.5 meters.
We normaly run the camera without PC, but for bugfixing and improving the software we would like to watch what the camera’s are doing. But we have to use the old windows 10 laptops then.
Today we tried again, windows 10 on a laptop kept connected all day, and ran without problems. Other laptop with windows 11 shut the camera of after 2 to 10 minutes.
And yes, we tried multiple windows 11 laptops and multiple windows 10. All exactly the same results.

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microsoft sucks all the way.
I am stacked at windows 7 personally.

Yeah, I can surely see why. thinking updates will improve is not always true haha.
Now we just need to find one more windows 10 or lower laptop to watch the 3 cams simultainisly. Thanks for the anwsers.

I do hope that in the near future windows 11 will work again…

did you try the Open Terminal inside ide if it fits you with just one pc?

How does that work? Using that I could attach multiple camera’s to 1 laptop?
Have to find that out, would be very usefull. That way we could look at our 4 systems each running 3 camera’s at the same time using less laptops.

Yeah, use the open terminal feature and then the print(img.compressed_for_ide(), end=“”) feature to send an image over the serial connection for the IDE to display.

clipboard doesnt seem to copy nice the “” characters on the end.
just retype them in openmv ide, save on camera and try it again.
This for future readers…

After some great help from @oramafanis the terminal function works perfectly.
And also works fine on windows 11.

But then again the normal IDE doesn’t work.