Confused over the differences between Mk1, Mk2...

Hopefully I’ve just overlooked the obvious, but I’ve been looking around the documentation, shop web pages and the forum here, trying to find a definitive description of the differences between the various camera revisions, the names given to those revisions and how they match up to the names of the firmware.

Obviously, despite there having been multiple revisions of the boards, the simplest distinguisher is the question of the sensor type, but I’m afraid it isn’t really clear whether the relationship is as simple as “openMV Mk1 is the board with the OV2640” and “openMV Mk2 is the board with the OV7725”, nor whether the difference in the firmware OPENMV1 versus OPENMV2 is “use OPENMV1 with a Mk1 board, OPENMV2 with a Mk2 board” or whether the two strands of firmware are usable with both boards but are, say, providing different feature sets or trialling different releases of MicroPython or…

Probably, it is all really simple and (Mk1 camera == fire sale camera == use OPENMV1) and (Mk2 camera == KS camera (when it arrives) == use OPENMV2) but I’ve just not spotted where that is clearly stated…

The difference is just the camera module. Both will have the same firmware.

The OV2640 camera has a few JPEG modes which allow it to take higher resolution photos to save to disk and do MJPEG video with. However, it’s picture quality is not as good. Basically it has a few more options for set_framesize.

While we will support the Idea OV2640 boards in the future we have no plans to build anymore of them once we sell out. The OV2640 sensor almost killed the business. That sensors has just been plain evil for us. If you plan to buy a OV2640 camer a right now then you’re helping us raise funds. We plan to put up a little tribute in the future for people who supported us buy buying these things.

The OpenMV1 is the original tiny OpenMV camera with detachable sensor. It’s still kinda supported.

OpenMV2 is the current OpenMV camera (the KS OpenMV) released with an OV2640 or OV7725 sensor.

OpenMV-SDR is a bigger cam with SDRAM (not supported anymore, it’s there for reference)

We only support cams that we manufacture and sell, that’s OpenMV2 with 2640 or 7725.