Can we login securely?


I’ve just registered to the forum and noticed that both registration and login pages use unsecure password entry. Well, I understand that it’s not a financial institution, but in 2018 I believe login security should be a norm. There still could be some private messages or information to protect. I wonder how difficult it would be to use https in phpBB?

Sorry for the rant in the very first post… :confused:

Um, not that hard. However, it’s… costly from a cloud flare perspective. So, basically, we use cloud flare to speed up the forums. We already have a * SSL cert… but, we can’t use it with cloud flare . Cloud flare requires $200 a month to use SSL certs and won’t let us us our $100 a year SSL cert we paid for.

Given this is a forums… I’m not sure $2400 is necessary to protect it. However, we can definitely pay that I guess. I suppose though, I don’t really like the idea of paying $200 a month. It just seems like… high. I’d much prefer a graduated rate based on traffic if I have to pay. Note that running the shopify store is less than $200 a month. So, paying for securing the forums would be our largest monthly expense out of all the different SaaS systems we pay for.