Cam h7 plus unregisted?

I bought a cam h7 plus from When I am trying to connect it to openmv ide I get a pop-up message saying that the camera is unregistered. Is the camera I bought a counterfeit? I contacted, and after two weeks they refunded my money and told me to scrap it.

What’s it looks like? We’ve been out of stock for a while…

I mean, mouser is an official distributor. I’ll generate a key. Send front and back pics.

Looks real, email me with the board ID.

I don’t know where to find the board id. Is the number on the 2D barcode?

The IDE tells you it when you try to register. Follow the unregistered board dialog.

Got it
H7 - ID: 3737343731305103003D004A

Done, it’s registered.

thank you, it worked. I kinda feel guilty now I asked for a refund. For $99 I expected to get a fully functional, registered camera.