BLE in RT1062 (Pairing Error)

I’m attempting to establish a Bluetooth connection between an OpenMV(RT1062) camera and a smartphone. We have two RT1062 cameras. After updating the firmware on one camera, it doesn’t appear on the smartphone for pairing when running the Bluetooth example. However, the other camera, which firmware not updated, successfully pairs and can be controlled using the same Bluetooth code(ble_blinky_1)

Hi, I can confirm this regression. It must be due to something in MicroPython via the update to 1.22. I don’t believe we’ve touched BLE in 5 months and we did a release since then in December.

For now, can you help me revert the firmware version to 4.5.2?

Hi, yes, go to our GitHub openmv repo and look at releases. The 4.5.2 release is there. Download the firmware files and then load the firmware.bin file in the RT1062 folder using Tools->Run Bootloader.

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You don’t need to revert I’ve fixed the issue, if you install the latest development firmware it should work.

Thank you it’s working.