I need to connect TWS earpods with openmv H7 R2

I have an object detection project where i need to use a few sensors for distance measuring. I think I can pull this correctly. But my major concern is to send audio to wireless earpods/earbuds saying that such object is in front of you. As there is no Bluetooth shield available for OpenMV H7 R2, I do not know how do I get audio transmission to bluetooth earpods. If any other external hardware is available then I would be glad to know about it. Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance…

You should send the data to another microcontroller like an ESP32.

So you suggest that we send audio files from OpenMV to ESP32 and then forward it to wireless earphones. Can I get some reference to how this can be made possible?
Waiting for your reply.

Hi, we specialize in computer vision on this forums. You are asking questions unrelated to that. So, I can’t really help. I can provide an example for how to do a data bridge for the EPS32 using our RPC library but that is all.

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