Hi. On your github, i see shield bluetooth BLE NRF8001, but it is develop by openmv V1. Does it workable? If i change pcb to combined openmv sdr, will it work? I mean in firmware of openmv sdr include ability to work with this module? And one more question… Have you the source code for work nrf8001 with stm32 ?

Hi, the NRF BLE shield was never tested, it was designed for OMV1 (if I recall correctly) and there’s no driver for it. I moved on to using AMS00x module (Broadcom chip) from AckMe, because it’s certified (or at least easier to certify).

O. I understand. But may be you research resources where can see information about how to connect and operate nrf8001 from stm32 ? And may be you can share it for me?