esp32 as wifi&ble shield


How about replacing winc1500 by esp32?

I saw that 135 Mbps UDP sustained throughput. Max data rate of 150 Mbps@11n HT40, 72 Mbps@11n HT20, 54 Mbps@11g, and 11 Mbps@11b

esp32 is cheaper and more powerful.



It looks like the new ESP32-WROOM-32 modules have FCC certs. We could design around those. However, there’s not really a point. The max SPI link speed on the STM32 is limited to 48 MHz. So, you won’t see any speed boost for sending data.

As for the price. Yeah, its definitely lower and will probably make sense for our next gen camera after the M7. Anyway, for right now we’re not too focused on changing the design. The reason our price is high on the WiFi module boards is because we build 100 at a time. We kinda need to be build 1000 at once to have a lower price.

As for replacing the STM32F7 chip with the ESP32… we looked at that when the EPS32 was announced and it doesn’t have enough pins for us to have all the same features we have on the current OpenMV Cam. Also, lack of USB is a big issue :frowning:.

That said, it’s good for a lot of other things.

Also, this:

EPS32 FPU performance is kinda low… which would make doing AprilTags a no-go.

The datasheet says it needs min 500mA (probably due to the dual core CPU), the WINC draws about 250mA at max speed (the shield actually draws less because VBAT is dropped to 3.3v). I also tried using SPI with the older ESP couldn’t find any docs for SPI, I’m not sure about the current state of the docs but still wouldn’t recommend it.