Arduino Nicla Vision motion sensor issue

I tried to access the 6-axis motion sensor LSM6DSOXTR 6-axis IMU by using the code but it shows ImportError: no module named ‘lsm6dsox’ on line from lsm6dsox import LSM6DSOX .How to solve this?

LSM6DSOX Gyro example.

import time
from lsm6dsox import LSM6DSOX
from machine import I2C, SPI, Pin

lsm = LSM6DSOX(SPI(5), cs_pin=Pin(“PF6”, Pin.OUT_PP, Pin.PULL_UP))

while (True):
print(‘Accelerometer: x:{:>8.3f} y:{:>8.3f} z:{:>8.3f}’.format(*lsm.read_accel()))
print(‘Gyroscope: x:{:>8.3f} y:{:>8.3f} z:{:>8.3f}’.format(*lsm.read_gyro()))

This is with the the latest firmware on your Nicla?


I updated the firmware and it works. Thank you