Adapt to Linear Camera

I have seen people talking about adapting other cameras to the H7. I am wondering what it would take to adapt a linear camera line scan camera to the H7.
Either of the following or anything similar would be of interest.
Anafocus LS4k

or the Alkiera Necta N8K-3


The H7 can provide a XVLCK at any freq you need, an I2C bus, a SPI bus, and it has an 8-bit DCMI interface that takes 8-bits in parallel with a PCLK to latch the bits and HREF and VSYNC inputs. Only the HREF is really important to tell the logic when to accept pixels and when to ignore. However, you can technically configure the hardware to accept pixels on every PCLK edge.

Um, anyway, it looks like the first chip needs an LVDS receiver. So, it needs an FPGA. However, a simple lattice MachX03 would be enough to do the LVDS to parallel conversion. In fact, they have IP available for that too. Sony subLVDS to Parallel Bridge - Lattice Semiconductor

The second camera is USB3.0 only.

I have heard FPGA’s are whole special kind of programming if it is programming? Do you have any sense of how good a fit the IP is for this? Do you think just load the IP into the chip and good to go or??? this IP is just something to give an idea of where to start?

Looked at Digikey all the MachX03 they listed were under $20. That is great considering my friends talk about using FPGA over $10k.


I mean, if you want to do this you need to be a pro. It’s not easy. I’m trained an a FPGA programmer. But, you’ll need pretty goo mastery of electronic board design, verilog programming, and c programming. Anyway, maybe use older line scan cameras that have 8-bit parallel outputs? Then you don’t need the FPGA.