Can I use OpenMV H7 for this special object tracking project?

For a project I need some special low latency object tracking. I have the code for this available in C++ (for some other hardware platform).

I want to process camera lines as soon as they come in. I do not want to wait for a complete picture. So I would like to have the hardware to read the camera and write the lines in memory using DMA. And parallel on this run the detection software on the latest received lines.

Can I do this with the OpenMV H7 software environment?

Or do I need to write the software from the ground up somehow?

Any advice is welcome!

Our frame grabber driver already does this. You’d need to modify our firmware and hook into the line interrupt for the MDMA system and then run some code during that callback.

If you want to do this you need to be an expert. We will not supply forum help. It’s expected you know what you are doing.

Note that our camera driver processes frames continuously and never stops the image capture. As such, if you create a function like this expect the processor utilization is be extreme. The system may lockup just running the callback code all the time.