WizNet 5500 support in OpenMV firmware

I am trying to build OpenMV latest firmware to include WizNet 5500 support. This appears to be supported in the version of micropython included with OpenMV and I have created a new board based on OPENMV4 which disables wifi and uses the standard MICROPY_PY_NETWORK_WIZNET5K=5500

define to enable WIZNET5K. The extmod modules get built, and with a minor change or two in a couple places the firmware builds and flashes successfully, but the image never actually includes the WIZNET5K support.

This would be a huge boon for many uses of OpenMV products and I’m just can’t seem to figure out enough build system details to get this to actually link and allow me to integrate with a W5500 ethernet interface board.

Any pointers?

You probably need to edit the linker files under omv/ports/stm32. See the .mk file.