WINC module for pyboard...

Hi guys,

I have been impressed with the WINC1500 wifi board (especially with regards to the low power usage) with my camera, and I would like to use the same WiFi module on another project (running on a PyBoard v1.1), so I’m wondering how difficult it would be to use the OpenMV WINC1500 module and build the current PyBoard micropython source with it included.

Is this a sane thing to attempt? Or do I just build the OpenMV fork for the PYBV11 board? :question: :smiley: :question:

Hi, if you decent in C this isn’t a lot of work. You just need to add the C files to the PYBV11 make file system and then port over the low level HAL stuff in the WINC driver firmware. So, yes, it’s possible.

Hi, you could open a feature request in micropython’s upstream repo and ask to add the driver. They can use our C driver if they like.