Wireless TV Shield Inoperable


I am unable to video feed via the wireless tv shield. I am using the example code. My skydroid 5.8 receiver (works with my fpv rc car) picks up the signal from the tv shield but nothing displays - black image. The image goes back to noise once the tv shield is powered down.

Thank you

Hi, that’s the transmitter on the board being powered but there’s a video codec that needs to be sent instructions to produce the video.

Did you run the example TV shield script on your board?

Yes I did

Can you send a picture of how you have connected the shield to your camera?

This thing kinda just works. There’s not really a lot to debug to get it working.

Yeah, that’s correct, can you verify the solder job is good on all the pins and etc?

Also, can you make a script which sets the channel value: tv — tv shield driver — MicroPython 1.19 documentation and then reads it back? Use channel 2. If you can set the channel and read back 2 then the SPI bus is working on the sensor. If not then there’s some problem.