TV Shield - How to install...?

G-d willing

I am totally new to this. I purchased the camera along with the TV Shield.
I did not see any tutorials about it. not even how to install the tv shield, wires and etc…
Can you please attach something so I will be able to learn from it.


You don’t need wires just attach it like this:

Then run the example in Examples->TV-Shield->

G-d willing

Thank you very much. I wasn’t sure about it.

G-d willing

Is it possible to mount the TV shield on the other side of the board?
I am asking that since I would like to print a special housing for the camera and I need that place clear.

Here is a link that shows my 2 options:

I do have a third option and that is unsoldering the pins from the TV shield and solder them to point the other way.


Yes, you just move it to the back. Make sure the pins keep the same place.

G-d willing

Thanks for your fast reply, didn’t notice but I edited my question while you already answered my question.

Please take a look at this picture, and let me know if option 2 is okay, or should I unsolder the wires from the tv shield and solder them back again, so the wires will point to the other side.