Wiring the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus using the TV Shield

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I am using the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus as part of several cameras in my application, and I need to know how to wire the camera into the camera switcher I am having.
I, of course, need to connect 3 wires to the switcher. Red, Black, Yellow.

According to the picture here:

The Video (Yellow wire) is the wire from the TV Shield.
Is the Ground (which will be my Black wire) is the bottom right pad?
And, is the VCC + (Red wire) is exactly one above the ground I mentioned before?


Yep, VIN can be between 3.7V and 5V.

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Thank you very much :+1:

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I have just noticed that the TV Shield has 3 pads on its bottom right side.

So, do I need to use these 3 pads instead?
I mean all 3 wires which I need to use should be used instead what I have just mentioned before?

Yes, this would make your life easier.

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Thanks again, really appreciate it :+1: