Wired Ethernet on new prototypes

We have just received our cam prototype and want to get hands on it.
The first thing that we want to do is connect the camera by wired Ethernet.
Do you have any document to read related to phisical connections, etc?

Hi, the schematic for the upcoming PoE shield is here: https://github.com/openmv/openmv-boards/blob/master/openmv5/poe/poe.pdf

I have 5 of the prototype shields available. I can ship you one if you pay for the shipping cost. Please email me offline.

So, the first new header pin is the LED drive output, then RXN, RXP, TXN, TXP.

PBTN turns the system off/on when pulled low (5 seconds to turn off and 1 second to turn on). RAW is power before the 3.3V regulator. It’s always on and supplied by VIN/USB/BAT. And ground is ground.

There’s no transformer on the board, so, you need a magjack. But, otherwise it’s working ethernet.

Also, you need the latest firmware here:
firmware.zip (1.3 MB)

We’ll have a release soon that has all the changes.

Hi, do you have any program sample to use the shield?
I can’t find any example on the IDE

Should work right out of the box. Connect to it from the IDE via the Tools->Video Tools->RTSP.