OpenMV RT1062 MAC address

Hi, I just bought a brand new cam RT1062 and I was trying to use the ethernet example provided in the OpenMV IDE “”
I already made a module with an ethernet connector (as described on the github page)

The problem that I’m currently facing is that the script gets stuck at “network_if.ifconfig(“dhcp”)”, I tried to understand why and with “print(network_if.ifconfig(“mac”))” it turns out that the MAC addres is b’\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00’

Is that correct? How can the MAC address be empty? Is there a way to insert temporarly a manual MAC address?

Are you sure that connector is working? It should just work. When I plug a unit into my shield at home it gets an IP address without issue.

Note, you need ethernet magnetics… the connector itself can’t go directly to the RT1062 board.

As for the ethernet PoE shield. I will get samples next month and then should be able to approve it being built.

Ok, I checked the connencton and it turns out it was becausa the GND was not soldered well :sweat_smile:
But let’s say that i want to connect 2 or more cameras to a network switch, in that case I will need the MAC address to not be, is there a way to set an address via “software”?

Also, I saw that the module rtsp is not working at the moment with the RT1062, is there a software update in the working that brings support for that?

Hi, I don’t know where you got the MAC address of 0. I just tested the code with wireshark and you can clearly see the camera doesn’t use a MAC address of 0.

Additionally, MicroPython set’s the MAC address of the board based on the unique ID code in the chip: micropython/ports/mimxrt/mphalport.c at f13c0bc8a9b922ef856a454592366d5b428f532f · openmv/micropython · GitHub