SPI implementation code with Ethernet board

Dear Admin,

Would it be possible to have a sample codes of SPI implementation to be used with Ethernet Board as part of the OpenMV IDE examples? As I may quote your answer below.

I have 2 wifi shields but wired should be fast enough to see the output of what the OpenMV camera is seeing just for the sake of monitoring.

A short example will be highly appreciated just to keep the idea going.


“Unfortunately… for our next module we don’t expose the Ethernet pins making this hard. But, the SPI bus is exposed which can used with a Wiznet module… Mmm, this sucks implementation wise though. https://www.ebay.com/i/112460690292?chn=ps


I don’t have example code for this. I heavily recommend to just attach another system that has better networking support to the OpenMV Cam and let that do the Ethernet part. Then, have the OpenMV Cam stream results to it via SPI or Async Serial.

Is there an ethernet module that will easily snap onto the OpenMV header pins that you would recommend for this purpose?

Not really, you’ll need to design an interposer board yourself. This isn’t something we built the system for. Sorry I can’t be of more help.