WiFi Module Issues

Hi All

I am running my OpenMV H7 module with the WiFi Module ATWINC1500. I trying to send some images to a website but when I try to run the firmware I get the following message:

OSError: Failed to initialize WINC1500 module: Firmware version mismatch. Please update WINC1500 firmware, see Examples->14-WiFi-Shield->fw_update.py

I have gone to the examples and opened the file fw_update.py under the WiFi section. I reset the camera, and run the firmware but got the following message:

OSError: Could not find the file

I have opened the application content folder and found the 19_6_1.bin file under WINC1500 folder.

So I am not sure what has happened and not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated as I urgently need to resolve this issue for a project presentation.


Please follow the instructions in the comments in the fw_update.py script.

Hi Iabdalkaber

I did follow the instruction so was confused why it wasn’t working but now I just found out my SD card slot is loose so the saved file was not getting read. I transferred the file onboard the camera and its working.


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